Photographer, artist, writer,

dog mom

not always in that order

Bruno and me
photo credit: https://wagyourtail.photography

From the time I was 11 and tried to sell hair clips decorated with ribbons, to the seven years I owned an event and flower business, to now where I sell my photographs and drawings, being an entrepreneur has always been second nature to me. For a while I felt like there was a certain path I was supposed to follow but it wasn’t me. I never fit into the traditional life mold.

I began taking photos in 2000, when I was a floral designer. Left it for a while, and fell in love with it again in 2008. My mom helped me open an Etsy shop in 2009 and that’s where I started selling my work. In 2012, while I was earning my MFA, I was approached by Pottery Barn to be one of a handful of artists featured in their new wall art collection—what an honor! In 2016 I (finally) completed my MFA in photography. Photography as an art form and as a business is part of who I am.

We live in an era of productivity, multitasking, and endless to-do lists. In all that ‘doing’ we forget about simply ‘being’. It’s easy to keep running on autopilot inside that hamster wheel not even knowing where we are. When I am photographing something, I let everything else fade into the background. I am there, fully in that moment.

My home is my most treasured space. It’s my refuge. I have moved too many times to mention but it has always been a priority to make the space where I live, mine. It is my hope that my photos help to remind you to take the time to be. That they bring you joy, and help to make your space yours.

Peace and love,