How to Combine Different Art Styles on the Same Wall

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So... you want to combine different art styles on the same wall... How do you know if they go together? What if they don't match? What if the room ends up looking messy and cluttered? The gallery walls on decor blogs are beautiful but pulling off the look isn't always easy. It might be tempting to avoid it altogether. Before you do, here are some ideas.

First of all, when it comes to creating a home that is as unique as you are, things don't have to match. You don't have to find the same colors, style or time period. The only rule is that there are no rules. By choosing art, furniture, and accessories that you love you will already have a common thread that brings it all together—YOU!

One way to combine different art styles and still have the space look put together is to choose something in common. It could be the same color palette, a central theme like locations you have visited or subject matter you love, similar art mediums, or similar frames and mats.

framed photos in home office

framed photos in home office

To liven things up, add some contrast. A couple of bright paintings together with black and white photographs or an abstract piece mixed with florals. Consider sizes—larger works can be the focus with smaller supporting pieces, or you can arrange pieces that are the same size in a grid.

And don't forget about texture. A three-dimensional object will add variety and interest.

Another suggestion is to create a focal point. Pick one wall for an art display and let the rest of the space be minimal in color and style. Apartment Therapy has recommendations on mixing decor styles and E.Interiors has tips on how to combine different art styles.

If you are combining households the same principles apply, you just have to compromise. And maybe learn to love some of the other person's things. ;-)

Sometimes the trick to combine different art styles on one wall is to try things out. Put them together and see if you like how it looks. How do you know if it's "right"? If you like it, then it's right. That simple.

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