Pottery Barn Artist? Yes I am!

Last fall I received an email I thought was spam. Someone contacted me and asked if I would be interested in partnering with Pottery Barn and become one of their artists. I thought it was a joke. Turned out it wasn't. I kept it secret while we were in negotiations because I actually was afraid it might not happen. But it did. It is an incredible honor that I my work is part of Pottery Barn's wall art collection. The whole process was really interesting. My Pottery Barn page

They asked about all the places where they could see my work (website, etc.). Then the buyer, my contact, selected eight of my images and I had to agree to license them exclusively to Pottery Barn for their wall art collection. Those are the images that are for sale now, but then in the fall they change out the collection and include others. No, I'm not telling what they chose - but I liked their selection! I always thought that my photos were commercial. In other words, that people would want to buy them to hang them on their wall. Getting that call from Pottery Barn, well that was sweet validation.

For this opportunity I also had to provide them with a headshot and of course I included Bella. And then I had to send a bio and a video. Eek! The video was definitely one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Imagine getting in front of a camera and talking about yourself and your work. Not easy but I did it.

The PB Artist Gallery is one amazing opportunity. There are very few artists and we are all exclusive to Pottery Barn. I am truly honored to have been selected. In two months, they sold more of my work than my Etsy shop did in two and a half years! I am so proud to be a Pottery Barn artist.