Three Books I Recommend


To say that I love books is an understatement. If I could, I'd have a room in my house where the walls were lined with books. Paper books. Yes, I own a Kindle, but there's something about holding an actual book that I just adore. Given my love for books, it's only appropriate that I recommend some of my favorites every now and then. So, here goes.

These are three of my favorite books: in no particular order.

1. A Beautiful Anarchy

I am a HUGE fan of David duChemin. His writing style is easy to follow and he has a way of inspiring you to greatness. This book is not the kind of book you'd expect from a photographer. There are no photos. I've heard it called a 100 page pep talk and that does not do it any justice. In this book duChemin speaks of what is really important for artists and why it's okay to follow your dreams. Find meaning in what you do and find the courage to go after what you really want. If you are questioning your path and want to read something motivational, this is the book.

2. Soul Space

I read this book years ago and it transformed how I decorate my place. In this book designer Xorin Balbes tells the stories of some of his clients and how he helped them to transform their spaces into places that nurture their souls. One of the key things I learned is to never keep something that brings you bad memories. If a picture or piece of furniture makes you think of a bad time in your life every time you look at it you should never keep it in your space, you're just keeping that negativity with you. If you're looking to make your space more yours, this is the book.

3. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

This book is based on lots of scientific research and it gives detailed explanations on how and why introverts have been the underdog in society for centuries. It's fascinating to learn so much and to realize there are so many others like me. This isn't a 'how not to be an introvert' kind of book. Instead it explains why introverts are how they are and how to succeed as an introvert. It also points out the ways that modern society caters to extroverts and how if things were done differently many more would excel. This was a book that kept my attention the entire time and that taught me a great deal about how I am. If you're an introvert or have an introverted child or significant other, this is the book.

Reading on a topic can be a great way to learn and find answers. Books are also a great way to pass the time. I hope to review and recommend many more books on this blog. Do you have a favorite that I should add to my list? Let me know in the comments!